Ice Follies update

As usual my ideas change and morph into other things. My auger project is changing slightly, but I believe for the better. I will now have more solar lights and the larger area will be divided into five creating smaller more manageable areas. Each smaller area will have 100 white solar lights, along with 300 auger holes, bamboo poles, flagging tape, and glow in the dark paint. It should be fairly interesting. That being said, the weather is presently all over the place, but it is making the prep work a bit unpredictable. Any way, enough said. If you want to participate in this project, feel free to come down on February 13 in the morning. Bring a drill and a 5/8 inch bit to put in bamboo sticks in the ice or a power ice auger to auger some of the 1500 holes. It should be a tour de force. See you soon. I’ll start posting images of solar lights and other things soon. van-schie.

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