Installations of Andrew Van Schie

Dead Skinned Men Wrapped in Barbed Wire - August 4 to 19, 2006 - North Bay, Ontario

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  Dead Skinned Men Wrapped in Barbed Wire was a time based  installation in North Bay, Ontario on August 4 through 19, 2006.  This project was co-presented by the W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery and the White Water Gallery of North Bay. 

It was constructed with plywood, carpenter's glue, fibre glass, roofing nails, wood screws, barbed wire, exterior latex paint, welded metal sub-structure, and raw meat.  The installation included two an a half men standing approximately 4.57 by .76 metres.

Dead Skinned Men Wrapped in Barbed Wire was continuing on the theme of the North American patriarch slowly changing and evolving. 

The reason for the raw meat and barbed wire is to express that it usually takes extreme pain and anguish to change one's thinking and actions. 





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