Installations of Andrew Van Schie

Dead Men Frozen in Ice - February 26, 27, 2005 - North Bay, Ontario

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Dead Men Frozen in Ice was a time based site specific installation in North Bay, Ontario on February 26, 27, 2005.  This project was presented by the W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery. 

It was constructed of harvested ice from Lake Nipissing and three Styrofoam men wrapped in canvas.  The installation included two columns; the taller was 2.43 (L) by 2.43 (W) by 6.4 (H) metres and the smaller was 2.43 (L) by 2.43 (W) by 2.43 (H) metres.

Dead Men Frozen in Ice was exploring the idea that many men are mentally dead in how they think about and  interact with women, other men, and their children. The patriarch system in North America is slowly breaking down. 

The ice columns had a distinct phallic design which symbolize men and their power.  The male sculptures inside make it seem like a frozen tower that these men have control and power over.  It being made of ice makes it an unstable symbol of power.

Once the weather began to warm the ice columns started to melt, becoming unstable, and then collapsing.  Symbolizing the slow erosion of the patriarch.  The towers continued to melt exposing the 'dead men' inside symbolizing a rebirth or awakening of men's thinking.



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